Why it works

In their research paper called “Active Share and Mutual Fund Performance”, Antti Petajisto of New York University, found that an analysis of mutual fund stock holdings, combined with data on past returns and other characteristics of the fund (such as size), provided statistically significant predictive power about the funds’ future returns relative to the funds’ benchmark. 

Why use Kazio?

Kazio helps you choose Mutual Funds by identifying funds most likely to earn higher returns in the future. It’s fun to get the math working in your favor!

What does Kazio do?

Kazio implements the statistical methods developed by academic researchers for identifying mutual fund managers with the highest probability of out-performing their peers. No one can predict the future with certainty but we can help move the odds in your favor.   (If you saw the movie “Moneyball” – Kazio is the “Billy Beane” of mutual fund investing).

How to use Kazio?

Kazio’s Rising Stars newsletter, lists U.S. domestic equity funds whose prior month data identified them as likely to outperform their market benchmarks. Instructions show how to construct and update a portfolio according to your situation.

Rising Stars Newsletter

Mutual Funds must file lists of their holding with the Securities Exchange Commission every three months. We apply statistical filters to each month’s filings to produce the most recent list of funds likely to out-perform in the next 12 months. It’s called Rising Stars because research shows that fund managers tend to perform best when a fund is relatively newer and smaller. I.e. by the time you hear about them because of good returns, their advantage will most likely be in decline.